2024 Pricing

At Sydney Music Tuition we have a variety of options to suit your schedule and billing preferences.

NOTE: You can begin lessons anytime throughout the year

Term Billing

For those who like to have a regular weekly routine for lessons. The schedule follows 2 Term periods. Term 1 Period – January 15th to July 8th and Term 2 Period – July 22nd to December 15th. With this option, you are allowed 2 make-up credit lessons per Term Period for a cancelled lesson.

With billing you can pay either in full (for the Period) or monthly.

Casual Billing

For those that may have varying availability, this option provides more flexibility. With this option there are no make-up credits given for a cancelled lesson (Apart from holidays).

Casual billing is paid monthly in advance.


Private Lessons (In person or online)
Lesson fee - Fixed Term EnrolmentCasual
30min Lesson$55 per lesson$65
45min Lesson$82 per lesson$90
60min Lesson$107 per lesson$115
Payment DueEnd of each 4 week block, Or term start, in advance
Group Lessons (8 - 10 people)
Lesson fee - Fixed Term EnrolmentCasual
60min Lesson$45 per lesson$55
Class DaysMon & Wed - 12:15pm & 6pmBeginner - Advanced
Payment DueEnd of each 4 week block, Or term start, in advance

Teaching Calendar

Our teaching calendar has two (2) Period term dates.

There are 46 lessons in the current year.

*Not applicable to casual students

Sydney Music Tuition Teaching Calendar 2024
Term 1Monday January 15th to Sunday July 7th25 weeks
Mid Year HolidaysMonday  July 8th to Sunday July 21st2 weeks
Term 2Monday July 22nd to Sunday December 15th21 weeks
Total Teaching Weeks46 weeks

Our Policies

When you sign up for guitar or piano lessons with us and become a member of Sydney Music Tuition, your agreed lesson day and time is reserved and guaranteed for you, every week.


The Term Period monthly rate is due at the end of each 4-week lesson block.

When enrolling at different times of the year the monthly lesson fee will be charged from lesson 1 in advance.

Casual lessons are booked on a monthly basis in advance.

All payments are due at the end of each 4-week block.

Student Cancellations

Two makeup lesson credits are allowed during each bi yearly period (Term Period enrollment) for any absence when notified more than 12 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson. If less than 12 hours notice is given no makeup credit will be offered.

Makeup credits may be used at any time during the current Term Period. The makeup credit cannot be carried over into the following Term Period.

If you plan on missing more than one lesson per term for family holidays, school events or any other reason you must continue to pay in order to reserve your place in the studio.

For extended absences of 5 weeks or more, you can suspend your enrolment at the end of the current month and re-enrol when you return but we cannot guarantee the same day, time or teacher.

Public Holidays

If your lesson occurs on a public holiday and you and your teacher do not wish to have a lesson, we will allow an additional makeup credit to be used at a time mutually convenient for you and your teacher.

Teacher Absence

If your teacher is sick or has a conflict with a scheduled lesson, you will be offered appropriate options to make up for the missed lesson.

Our teachers may occasionally take time off for professional development opportunities interstate or overseas. Under these circumstances, we may be able to arrange for a substitute teacher to cover your regular teacher during their absence. While it would be our recommendation to always maintain continuity of lessons, if preferred you can suspend lessons until your teacher returns and a full refund will be given for that period.